The Association of Netherlands Municipalities

The Association of Netherlands Municipalities/Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG) was established in 1912. Since 1950 all Dutch municipalities are members. Other members are the countries Aruba and Curacao and the public bodies Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (since 1995).

Who are we?

The VNG represents all municipalities. Together we support and promote the strength and quality of local administrations. The VNG facilitates municipalities with the exchange of knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of national and local policies. We also lobby on behalf of the municipalities in numerous platforms.

Our core tasks are:

  • Advocacy
  • Services
  • Platform for municipalities
  • Development of products and services

How are we organized?

General Assembly

  • Highest decision-making body
  • Strategic decisions
  • Sets the membership dues
  • Weighted voting ratio


Chairperson: Jan van Zanen

  • The number of members depends on the number of committee chairpersons
  • The board meets 11 times a year
  • Composition of: mayors, aldermen, councillors, clerks, municipal managers
  • Committee chairpersons are board members
  • The board adopts the budget


  • 9 Committees and 2 colleges (College voor Arbeidszaken en College van Dienstverleningszaken)
  • Organised by policy area
  • Composition of: mayors, aldermen, councillors, clerks, municipal managers
  • Knowledge, network and experience are important selection criteria

Provincial departments

  • Eyes and ears of the VNG in the provinces
  • 'Mini VNGs'
  • They have their own General Assembly, board and committees
  • All municipalities are members of their provincial department
  • Secretaries meet twice a year

Board of Directors

J. Kriens - Director General

Missing media.


P. Jeroense - Deputy Director General

Pieter Jeroense

VNG Companies