The Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) is the advocacy organization and knowledge platform for all Dutch municipalities. The goal of the VNG is to unite the strengths of municipalities and collectively act in the interest of local government and its residents. We achieve this by exerting influence at the national level and placing societal challenges at the forefront. Together, we ensure a strong and resilient local government.

Our Mission and Vision

Icoon Missie en Visie van de VNG

We work towards a powerful local government. We do this by setting the agenda for relevant issues and developments concerning municipalities and by prioritizing local implementation in societal challenges.

Our Association Strategy

Icoon Strategie van de VNG

For the 2030 governance period, in collaboration with our members, we have defined connecting themes and challenges. The outcome of this is documented in the 'Association Strategy Municipalities 2030.'

Main tasks VNG

Icoon Wat doet de VNG?

The main tasks of the VNG are facilitating and executing knowledge sharing, advocacy, and service provision. These three pillars form the foundation of our association. With these pillars as the basis, the VNG is ready to support and strengthen municipalities.

Knowledge Sharing

Icoon Kennisdeling

The VNG supports municipalities by facilitating knowledge sharing, ensuring that we continue to learn from each other.


Icoon Belangenbehartiging

The VNG advocates for the interests of municipalities. For strong municipalities where councils and boards energetically work for their residents.

Service Provision

Icoon Dienstverlening

The VNG supports municipalities in their execution and ensures alignment with local practice.

The Association

Icoon VNG Vereniging

The association supports and advises municipalities in societal challenges and represents the interests of all municipalities in political decision-making.

VNG Board, Committees & Boards

Icoon VNG Commissies en Bestuur

The board, committees, and boards consist of representatives from different municipalities. Together, they ensure a strong and resilient local government.

General Assembly

  • Highest decision-making body
  • Strategic decisions
  • Sets the membership dues
  • Weighted voting ratio


President of the VNG: Sharon Dijksma

Portret van Sharon Dijksma
  • Committee chairs are board members 
  • The number of members of the board depends on the number of committee chairs
  • The board meets 11 times a year and is composed of Mayors, Aldermen, councillors, clerks and city managers
  • The board adopts yearly agenda, multi-annual plans and the budget, among other tasks and responsibilities


  • 9 Committees and 2 colleges (College voor Arbeidszaken en College van Dienstverleningszaken), organised by policy area
  • Composition by mayors, aldermen, councillors, clerks, municipal managers
  • Knowledge, network and experience are important selection criteria

Provincial departments

  • 'Mini VNGs' and the eyes and ears of the VNG in the provinces
  • They have their own general assembly, board and committees
  • All municipalities are members of their provincial department

VNG Organization

Icoon VNG Organisatie

The VNG organization functions as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing between municipalities. The VNG organization surveys socially relevant developments, sets the agenda for issues relevant to municipalities, brings municipalities and other parties together, and facilitates advocacy, policy development, and service provision.

VNG Organizational Chart

The VNG organization is led by the General Directorate. The organization consists of the VNG Policy and VNG Companies sections. Leonard Geluk is the general director of the organization. Pieter Jeroense is the deputy general director.

Organizational chart large format (PDF, 4,4MB)

General Directorate of the VNG

The directorate is responsible for maintaining member relations, the strategy, its implementation, and the management of the VNG. The directorate oversees (at a high level) content, processes, and results and is accountable to the VNG board.

Board of Directors

Leonard Geluk - CEO

Leonard Geluk, CEO of VNG

Pieter Jeroense - Deputy CEO

Pieter Jeroense, Deputy CEO of VNG

VNG companies

The VNG has an international cooperation agency, VNG International.  

Other companies of the VNG are:

VNG’s international activities

The VNG is an active member of: 

  • Council of European Municipalities and Regions
  • United Cities and Local Governments
  • Committee of the Regions
  • Congress of local and regional authorities to the Council of Europe

For the period 2019-2022, VNG chair Jan van Zanen is an Executive President of CEMR and co-president of UCLG.